• Needing better, deeper sleep? Is your mind racing at night?
  • Seeking calmness from anxious feelings?
  • Looking to feel mellow & chill?
  • Wanting physical relief from aches/discomfort?
  • Seeking an alternative to THC?

Grape Ape should be on your shopping list. This powerful, indica-dominant strain is a superb sidekick to a relaxed, chill night!

The strain is known to produce sedating/mellowing effects. This can come in handy for those who have trouble sleeping, are in constant discomfort, or need something to take the edge off after a long day!

Choose Grape Ape for an excellent “chill pill” that is all-natural & tastes as good as it works.


Notes of Grape are present in this strain. A smooth draw is easy to be had with this fruity, potent strain! This is a wonderful choice for grape lovers, although it isn’t an overly strong flavor. As with all Secret Nature cartridges, only naturally-derived terpenes are used for flavoring!

Feel The Difference

Secret Nature utilizes live-resin Hemp extract to produce its CBD Vapes. This process includes freezing the Hemp after harvesting, then extracting its contents. Resulting in a more potent & effective extract. Secondly, Secret Nature doesn’t add any artificial or unnecessary ingredients/fillers! No Propylene Glycol, Vitamin E, or artificial flavorings! Only CBD-rich Hemp extract, along with the terpenes from said plant to provide a natural flavor. 

Order with Confidence

As always, purchases are backed by a 90-day full refund policy! So, no worries about not liking it.

We’d love to get your order out the door & in your hands ASAP, so place your order now!



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