Lifter is an excellent choice for those seeking a calm & focused mind while still feeling motivated & tenacious to attack the goals of your day! We recommend this strain as a remedy to a lack of focus, creative energy, & overall happiness throughout the day.


Expect to feel uplifted, at ease, & free from the shackles of constant worrying or over-analyzing. High in beta-myrcene & beta-caryophyllene, this strain may deliver physical relief & an uplift in your mood. It’s a great choice for those still seeking the positive benefits of CBD without feeling too mellowed out to complete your tasks!

Tasting Notes

Lifter is full of notes of Citrus, Earth, & Clover. Expect a refreshing, yet herbal smell & taste from this strain. We quite enjoy the flavor of this strain & it makes for a smooth, energetic experience that leaves you feeling like a million bucks!


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