CBD Buyer’s Guide: Choosing The Right Product

So you’re looking into CBD, but you’re unsure of what product to choose! Well, then you’re just like me. After starting my journey into the world of CBD I had this burning question, “Which product or delivery method is best for me and why would I choose one over the other?”

Choosing the right CBD product for you is not rocket science. Although, it is highly personalized and based on a few different factors. For one, personal preference is definitely a factor. Ensuring that you enjoy your experience with CBD is important to stay consistent with it. Another important consideration is what you’re looking to achieve with CBD. there are differences in the quickness, duration, and bioavailability (how much CBD activates into your system) that are equally important factors in choosing your CBD. 

It’s about you

For one, our bodies are all built differently. These differences are especially important when discussing your endocannabinoid system. Everybody needs different servings, frequencies, & different delivery methods to achieve the best results. So, there is no one-size-fits-all when discussing CBD and the best way to take it.

It is equally important that you enjoy taking your CBD product on a consistent basis, and therefore you should experiment to truly find your perfect match. You don’t want a product that you don’t enjoy taking because CBD should be taken on a frequent basis to achieve the best results. This is why smaller sizes of products are advised when trying something new because you can get a general feel of if you’d like to continue to use the product. Sometimes this is not possible but depending where you are you may be able to get a smaller size or even a free sample!

 So, when trying to choose the right CBD product for you, think about which you naturally gravitate towards & what appeals to you most. That’s a great starting point because you’ll generally know what products you would enjoy most, although there are other important factors you should take into consideration before deciding!

Quickness, Duration & Bioavailability

Different delivery methods come with different characteristics. Some of the most prominent characteristics are the quickness, duration, & bioavailability of the product. Some delivery methods offer a quicker onset with a shorter window of duration, while others offer a slower onset with a longer duration. Bioavailability has to do with the amount of CBD that successfully activates in your system through the particular delivery method.

Sublingual delivery methods which commonly come in the form of oil tinctures are the most popular way to take CBD, most likely because they offer a healthy balance between these three characteristics.

With a quicker onset of about 20 minutes to 1 hour and a duration of about 4 to 6 hours, tinctures offer a versatile option for taking CBD. The reason this is the case is due to the sublingual delivery method. Because the CBD bypasses the digestive system completely with this kind of delivery, it’s delivered to the bloodstream more quickly than things like gummies or capsules. The bioavailability of these products is also higher due to the sublingual delivery method oh, so you’re getting more of the CBD to activate in your system.

Gummies & capsules are swallowed and ingested, unlike a typical oil tincture usage. The fact that the CBD must then pass through your stomach, liver, and the rest of your digestive system results in different characteristics. A slower onset should be expected, as you must allow time for the CBD to digest. You could be waiting anywhere from 1 hour to 3 hours until the CBD begins to take action. Although this is true, these kinds of delivery methods offer a longer duration of about 6 to 8 hours. Lastly, due to digestion, the bioavailability is lower as more of the CBD content is lost in the digestion process. As such, expect to have to take more CBD in these forms to achieve the same effects. So, it’s a trade-off and these characteristics can play an important factor in your decision.

Two of the quickest ways to get CBD in your system is through inhalation or topical applications. vaping or smoking CBD and/or hemp flower provides near-instant relief as the CBD enters the bloodstream rapidly through the lungs. Bioavailability is also very high through a method of inhalation. Meaning your body is actually using most of the CBD content. Topical balms, creams, and salves both offer another rapidly-acting solution for those seeking relief from CBD. The effects for either of these methods are felt within minutes and therefore provide a very apparent level of relief.

What are you seeking to achieve through CBD?

Another very important factor is your goals with CBD. Do you want to feel calmer, more collected, and relaxed? Are you seeking or leaf from frequent discomfort either generalized or in the targeted area? Are you seeking a restful night’s sleep? Are you looking at CBD to help with symptoms of digestive health issues?

 These are all valid reasons to take CBD. Now, as we’ve said there is no one-size-fits-all even for specific purposes or applications. But, as the CBD market develops we are learning more and more about how different products may work better or worse in different cases. The factors we’ve discussed in this article can all be used to determine if the delivery method will be most effective to achieve the goal you are seeking.

For example, many come to CBD to support a good night’s sleep. Although tinctures are the most popular way to consume CBD, we’ve learned this may not be the best option in this particular case. Why is that? If you couldn’t guess already by what you’ve just learned, tinctures provide a shorter window of duration versus capsules or gummies. This is important because when trying to achieve a full, restful night of sleep the CBD should be active for the length of your sleep cycle. Therefore, the longer duration of about six to eight hours with capsules or gummies is better suited for sleep purposes, as the effects of oil tinctures wear off in about 4 to 6 hours which is typically a short night of sleep for many. So, to ensure you don’t wake up prematurely, capsules or gummies are a better option and should cover your entire night of sleep.

The duration was an important factor for sleep purposes, but how about quick quickness? In situations where quicker, more concentrated relief is required on a frequent basis, oil tinctures may serve very well. As we’ve discussed they offer a healthy balance of quickness and duration. many CBD users enjoy the quicker acting effects any higher bioavailability of these products.
In cases of frequent, intense discomfort this may prove beneficial as there is much less time between taking the product and feeling the effects.

Bioavailability plays an important role when deciding on a daily CBD supplement. Considering bioavailability when purchasing a product will help you gauge how much you will need to take to achieve similar effects across the board. Keep in mind, with anything ingested such as gummies or capsules you are inevitably losing more of the CBD content to your digestive system. When choosing a sublingual delivery method you are effectively increasing the percentage of CBD that will be activated even if you were to take the same exact amount. When it is necessary & imperative for you to take higher concentrations of CBD to reach your goals, bioavailability may play an important role due to the fact that you will have to take the less of a product with higher bioavailability, thus saving you money. 


Apply the principles you’ve learned in this article any factors we’ve discussed to think about what product makes fit your goal best. Personal preference is one thing, practicality is another. find the right balance between these two areas you will find balance, relief, and happiness I’m taking your CBD product day in and day out.