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We don’t make CBD. We take it. In doing so, we’ve sought out many of the leading brands that follow industry best-practices & show a commitment to their customers & the true potential behind CBD!

We’ve curated a collection of these brands & are here to help you understand & have a safe place to shop for CBD 🙂

We require all brands to have publicly-available 3rd-party lab tests. Healthy extraction methods (C02 & Ethanol) are also needed! After the technical analysis we also take a look at the company & what they represent to ensure we share the same positive values 🙂

No! Hemp & CBD derived from it have been federally legalized & is currently regulated as a dietary supplement.

CBD products are non-intoxicating, so they will not leave you impaired. Although this is true we always recommend starting lower & incrementally increasing your dosage to find your “sweet spot”!

Full Spectrum CBD contains 0.3% or less THC. While this isn’t much it can trigger a positive drug test result. Taking THC-Free CBD Oil reduces the chance of a positive result greatly; although there is never a guarantee that you will pass a drug test while taking CBD. This is because some tests falsely identify CBD as THC. Use at your discretion!

Most of our brands are based in Colorado! We also have brands based in Oregon & Florida. The Hemp used to create these products was grown in Colorado, Oregon, & Kentucky!

There is a potential for CBD to interact with medication that advise against eating grapefruit. Although, real-world feedback has shown that negative interactions are uncommon & aren’t typical until taking excessive doses of 200mg+ of CBD daily. You may consult your doctor as well.